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A benefit company in name and deed
Sustainable tourism starts with sustainable hospitality
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A benefit company in name and deed
Sustainable tourism starts with sustainable hospitality

Sustainability on all fronts.

LarioHotels officially obtained its Benefit Company status in 2021, a testament to our commitment to transparency and social responsibility. But the fact is, we’ve always thought this way. Sustainability has been in our DNA from the beginning.

Environmental: everything we do takes into account waste reduction, energy savings, and sensitivity to the environment.
Territorial: by treating the places that host us with respect, we enhance their excellence.
Human: we value our guests as well as the people who work for us, respecting everyone’s diversity and uniqueness. Indeed, in 2023 we achieved Great Place to Work certification, of which we are very proud.
In the end, we’ve been sustainable since long before the concept was coined.

Sustainability is a form of courtesy. A hospitality that is kind to its surroundings is another way of understanding sustainabililty.

The unintrusive way in which we move into a new area speaks for itself: we restore and preserve existing structures, obviating the need to build from scratch. And we respect local businesses and institutions, valorizing their excellence. For Vista, sustainability is also a question of courtesy.

Vista's most precious heritage: people.

Whether it's our guests or employees, our suppliers or stakeholders, nothing matters more to Vista than people. Caring for the needs of those who stay in our hotels translates to a social commitment to those who work for us, at every level. Training, flexible schedules,, inclusion, a deep respect for diversity, which we like to call uniqueness, earned us the Great Place to Work certification in 2023. But we already knew that.