Rooms & Suites

Dimension: 474/603 sq ft

Prestige Suite

Dimension: 323/398 sq ft


Dimension: 312 sq ft

Junior Suite

Dimension: 280/290 sq ft



SOTTOVOCE Restaurant

Infinity Bar

360° Terrace


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Aperitivo with a vista, pun intended.

Infinite moments

Indulge in the magic hour, your moment of relaxation, with a drink at sunset. It’s exactly what you’ve been yearning for after a day filled with wonders. And as you ascend to the rooftop, the Infinity Bar unveils to you, like a grand theater curtain, a scene so breathtaking that you didn’t even know you craved it: a true spectacle. With Verona at your feet and a glass in hand, what more could you desire?

Drinks by Vista

Beyond the certainty of our local wine cellar, the Infinity introduces you to the mysterious world of the botanicals of this region, offering aromas and flavors of largely unknown, even magical herbs in digestivi and elixirs for you to discover.