Rooms & Suites

Dimension: 52 / 56 sqm


Dimension: 44 / 50 sqm

Corner Junior Suite

Dimension: 44 / 50 sqm

Junior Suite

Dimension: 32 / 37 sqm

Premium Room

Dimension: 32 / 37 sqm

Deluxe Double Room

Dimension: 32 sqm

Standard Room



Infinity Bar


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The unique charm of Como, and the perfect place to enjoy it.

Lake Como, timeless charm

Como will dazzle you with its art treasures and millenary culture that coexist with a vibrant contemporary dynamism. Just outside the Vista, you’ll find the ancient Roman Walled City and Piazza San Fedele, with its medieval mystique. And if you want a change of perspective, just 2 minutes from the hotel is a funicular that will take you to Brunate, atop Como’s tallest peak. Enjoy an amazing view of the world’s most famous lake framed by the green of pre-Alpine summits and scented by the nuances of fresh air and water.

Vista Lago di Como awaits you. In "total relaxation" mode.
Whether visiting for holiday or work, you'll find the mix of discretion and attention that you've been looking for: that feeling of freedom that only the finest hospitality can offer, fulfilling your needs before you even know you need them. And you can enjoy your stay in a privacy that becomes peace.

What would you like to do today?

It’s difficult to describe the experiences that Lake Como offers: you look at the lake, and you want to fly, over the water or into the sky. You turn around and the youthful energy of the city draws you irresistibly in, while the Duomo and its centuries of history stimulate your thirst for culture. It’s hard to choose. That’s why we have our experience managers, who will expertly guide you to discover hidden wonders, one experience at a time.

A signature cocktail and a gourmet dinner have one secret ingredient in common, which is actually right in front of you: an incomparable view of the city and the most chic body of water in the world.
Infinity Bar
Timeless magic, in a dynamic balance of flavor and view, elegance and surprise, fragrance and design.

Unique events, to be experienced in a wonderful place

There is always a Vista event ready to surprise you