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The hospitality you've been looking for

Verona, Lake Como, Ostuni… to be continued...

VISTA brings the experience of luxury where there was none

Charming cities of art on a human scale. To be discovered slowly, filling your eyes and heart with beauty. Where the starting point of your exploration will be the beauty of the hotel itself.

That’s exactly what you were looking for, wasn’t it?

Vista Lago di Como

A vibrant and unexpected city full of contrasts. Between lake and mountains, between history and modernity. Like being in two dimensions simultaneously, a stone’s throw from everything yet suspended in an ancient timelessness.

Vista Verona

Elegance and art, nature and creativity, rhythm and wine. This is Verona.

Vista Ostuni

Vast spaces and colors as far as the eye can see. The white of the buildings, the blue of the sky and sea, the deep red of the soil.