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A success story with distant roots

More than a century of experience, all leading to Vista

The Vista story officially begins in May 2018 with the opening of the first Vista Lago di Como. With its 5-star L classification, the LarioHotels collection enters the luxury hotellerie.
But it does so with an entirely new vision. One that promotes a more elegant, gentle, and mindful idea of luxury tourism. But the full story of Vista actually begins more than a hundred years before.

It’s a long story of a passion for hospitality that began on Lake Como in the early 1900s with the Passera family, started by Giuseppe – respectively the grandfather and great-grandfather of Bianca and Luigi, the current owners – who opened his first restaurant one of the steamboats that serviced the lake. And from generation to generation, from hotel to hotel, Lariohotels took shape. The San Gottardo first, then the Terminus, Villa Flori, the Posta Design Hotel, and finally the Vista. It’s as if all the experience, all the expertise, all the passion of this family have been channeled into this latest challenge, the Vista collection.

An absolutely innovative hospitality concept but with deep roots in history.

The Passera family opens the first 5-Star Luxury hotel in Como. Located in one of the most charming historic buildings in this beautiful city, it embodies the Vista vision: to bring luxury where there was none. The unparalleled view of the lake. The comfortable and intimate spaces, furnished with the understated and elegant luxury for which Lombardy is famous. Attentive and discreet service. And the icing on the cake, a restaurant that welcomes you on the rooftop with delicacies at once creative and steeped in tradition.
Like an old family manor in the heart of Verona. Where the luxury is really the view. Inside, the Venetian furnishings of yesteryear, the city's only spa, and a private library to retreat to for a moment of privacy. Outside, from the rooftop terrace, you can take in the whole city and beyond to the river and the hills, the Arena, and the world's most famous balcony, so close you can almost touch it. A multisensory luxury that's waiting for you to experience it to the fullest.
With this upcoming opening, Vista reaches the sea but doesn't stop there, for the view takes your gaze to the horizon, surrounded by a cobalt sky embracing green olive trees and white paving stones against the dark red earth. The Ostuni Vista is the result of the restoration and conversion of a former tobacco factory, a very old structure just outside the white city, which had also been a convent and an orphanage over the centuries. Through a collective effort, it now enjoys the prominence and centrality and socioeconomic role it once had in the area. The added luxury and charm, on the other hand, are all Vista.